Ten Best Vegan Restaurants in Washington, DC — Official Avocadbro Guide (Updated 2021)

These are the best vegan (and vegan-friendly) restaurants in Washington, DC. (Updated March 2021). Follow @TheAvocadbro for more pics and vegan eating tips.

  1. Shouk
  2. HipCityVeg
  3. NuVegan
  4. Sticky Fingers Bakery
  5. Fare Well
  6. Fancy Radish
  7. Bubbie’s Plant Burgers
  8. Senbeb
  9. PLNT Burger
  10. Pow Pow
1) Shouk

What is it? There’s a reason I’m naming this place #1: it’s amazing. They specialize in pita sandwiches that are handcrafted to be completely delicious,

Where is it? Chinatown/Mt. Vernon Square neighborhood, near the Convention Center. 655 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Type of restaurant? Fast casual.

What to get? The Shouk Burger with a side of sweet potato fries and creamy cashew labneh to dip them in.

Brunch/breakfast? They used to have a breakfast pita with an omelet made from garbanzo beans. It was amazing. Ask them to bring it back!

Delivery? Depending on your location, through Caviar and DoorDash.

Anything else? This is not your run of the mill, boring pita place. Almost everything I’ve had here is amazing. Here’s their website.

2) HipCityVeg

What is it? An incredibly delicious burger and milkshake place.

Where is it? Chinatown, across from Capital One Arena. 712 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Type of restaurant? Fast-ish casual, not a ton of seating.

What to get? The Crispy HipCity Ranch burger with a side of sweet potato fries and creamy siracha aioli to dip them in.

Brunch/breakfast? Nope. They have locations in Philadelphia that have a full breakfast menu. Hopefully they’ll bring that to DC soon.

Delivery? Depending on your location, through UberEats.

Anything else? Come here before, during and/or after a game or concert at Capital One Arena. Downsides: It can take a good 10 minutes to prepare your order, in case you’re short on time. Also, there’s not a ton of seating. Check out their website.

3) NuVegan (formerly known as Woodlands)

What is it? An extremely delicious comfort/soul food spot, with a huge menu.

Where is it? Columbia Heights. 2928 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

Type of restaurant? Fast casual, plenty of seating.

What to get? Chick’n drummies (southern fried style) with a side of mac & cheese and red wine kale.

Brunch? Yup, on Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm. You can usually get a decadent giant cinnamon roll any time.

Delivery? Depending on your location, UberEats and DoorDash.

Anything else? While this place clearly has a lot of caloric options, your healthier friends will enjoy their massive selection of veggies.

Ordering at NuVegan can be confusing for newcomers. You have to walk all the way to the back. Some stuff is pre-made, some stuff can be ordered off menu. Then you pay in the middle of the restaurant. Then you sit. Then they bring you your food. Then you feast.

NuVegan used to be known as “Everlasting Life.” Then, a few years ago they changed it to “Woodlands,” which is the last name of the owners. But there’s a chain of all-vegetarian Indian restaurants also called ‘Woodlands.’ I’m pretty sure that’s why they then renamed themselves ‘NuVegan.’ They have another location in College Park, Maryland. Check out their website.

4) Sticky Fingers Bakery

Sticky Fingers Cupcakes

What is it? A cafe and bakery run by a baker who won Cupcake Wars on Food Network.

Where is it? Columbia Heights. 1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, DC 20010

Type of restaurant? A bakery with a fast casual cafe menu.

What to get? Cookies N’ Cake cupcake and a cowvin cookie sandwich. Their cafe menu has great options like a  Smoky BBQ Burger, a Tuna Melt, and a Reuben.

Brunch/breakfast? Yup, on weekends until 2:30 pm. I’ve never been there for brunch, but the menu looks good. Biscuits and gravy? Yes please.

Delivery? Depending on your location through UberEats, DoorDash or Postmates. Or try making it yourself – the owner put out a cookbook.

Anything else? Check out their website.

5) Fare Well

What is it? A diner, bar and bakery created by the people behind Sticky Fingers Bakery. Most importantly, they have an ALL DAY BREAKFAST MENU!

Where is it? H Street Northeast. 406 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Type of restaurant? Sit down with a bar. Also has a take out counter.

What to get? Anything from the ALL DAY BREAKFAST MENU! Which includes Carrot Cake Pancakes, Cookie Dough Pancakes, Pancakes Napoleon, and Blueberry Pancakes. They all have a S’More Milkshake.

Fare Well Pancakes

Brunch/breakfast? In addition to their ALL DAY EVERY DAY BREAKFAST MENU, they have brunch on weekends from 10 am to 5 pm. What’s the difference between weekend brunch and all-day breakfast? Brunch is pretty much the All Day Breakfast Menu plus a few other breakfasty items, including Seitan and Waffles and French Toast Casserole. FYI, Vegan chik’n and waffles is arguably my favorite meal, but I sadly did not enjoy the Seitan and Waffles back when Fare Well first opened in 2016. I went back a few weeks ago and am happy to say that they have improved the recipe since then.

Delivery? Depending on your location, through UberEats.

Anything else? Check out their website. Also, they have the same owner as Sticky Fingers Bakery which is pretty cool.

6) Fancy Radish

“What, I thought you said these were The Elite Five vegan restaurants in DC,” you might be wondering. I did say that. I lied. I’m sorry. But the owners of the best vegan restaurant in the country–Vedge, located in Philadelphia–just opened a similar restaurant in DC. It is located on H Street NE, near Fare Well. It was originally going to be called V Street, but because that’s the name of a major road in DC, they renamed it Fancy Radish. We finally got to check it out, and it was amazing. Try the fondue and toffee pudding.

Delivery? Nope. This is a nice, sit down, cloth napkin kind of place.

Fancy Radish Vegan Fondue

Reviews for 7 through 10 in progress.


  1. Deborah

    7. Chaia
    “Seasonal, plant-based tacos, sides and natural drinks in a stylish, casual setting. ‘Farm to Taco’ is a unique relationship between farmers and urban-style street food. Every taco is served on a hand-griddled corn tortilla and topped with hyper-local micro greens.”


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