Hey. I’m the Avocadbro. I like animals, but I don’t like eating them.

I completely replaced animal products in my diet about 10 years ago. I made the decision I didn’t want to give another dollar to the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Why? I answer that here.

Since going vegan, I feel happier because I’m eating and living in line with my core values. It’s against my values to hurt animals or pay people to hurt animals.

I made this site to write about different arguments for and against veganism. Eventually I want this website to be a resource to respond to every single counter-argument I’ve heard about veganism. With lots of sources.

Ultimately, that’s why I became vegan. I know of no compelling counter-argument to living a life without buying animal products.

Check back for my latest thoughts and news about snacks, nutrition, ethics, and vegan-ish stuff.

Sometimes, I post pics of awesome food on Instagram (see above).

Want to talk vegan stuff? Email me at theavocadbro at gmail dot com.

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  1. We would love to send you some of our Parma! Vegan Parmesan to sample. You’ve got a great selection of vegan cheeses reviewed but vegan parmesan is missing and we’d love to represent. Please let us know if we can send you some bottles of our cheesiness and we’ll get those out asap. Thanks!

  2. Hope you are well! I’m Tyler and I’m contacting you from Myprotein, which is the biggest sports nutrition brand in the UK and Europe, and are quickly -growing in the US. I love your blog – (Love the overall balance which you suggest to your blog viewers. Fitness is a lifestyle!)

    I’d love for you to try out some Myprotein products to feature on your blog. As well as different protein powders, like our bestseller Impact Whey Protein, we make single-ingredient peanut butter, supplements, fitness wear and protein treats. Let me know what you’d like to try and I’ll get them out to you! Look forward to speaking with you soon!​

  3. Hi Andrew — I saw that you will be attending the Natural Products Expo East and wanted to gauge your interest in stopping by the Natierra Foods booth.

    Other than having an array of superfoods to sample — from chocolate covered goji berries to toasted hemp seeds — Natierra will be celebrating reaching 250,000 meals in their mission to provide one million meals to children in Haiti by 2018 as a part of their Feed a Soul project.

    Natierra’s Feed A Soul Project offers for every bag or shaker of Natierra’s nutrient-dense superfoods, they will give one nutritious meal to a child in need in Haiti, in partnership with the nonprofit organization Convoy of Hope.

    Natierra will be at booth 1231 and we’d love to tell you more about Feed a Soul and all the recipes we’ve built around the project that not only are good for you, but gives back to children in Haiti. Hope to see you!


  4. Solana

    Hi Avocadbro,

    I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to personally reach out to schedule a time slot for you to meet Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bitz from the youtheory team at Expo East!

    Learn and sample some of youtheory’s bestselling products as well as their latest innovations.

    The youtheory team will be located at booth 3653! September 14-16, 2017

    If this is of interest to you, please follow up and let me know the best date and time that work for you!

    I look forward to hearing back!

    Very best,

  5. Keith Collier

    Andrew, I am a patient of your dad’s, and have been for 25 years. I shared with him about my becoming a Vegan this year, and he shared with me your blog. Thanks for all you are doing, and please know that my kids, who are your age, are all Vegans as well. Please keep it up. Thanks, Keith

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